Chaman Sharma aka ux4web – Lead User Experience Design Consultant!!


Meet Chaman, an award-winning Director of Product Design at Dotnik Studio and the University of Delhi. Over the last few years, he has specialized in Product Design Projects with some big companies where he used Design to create some delightful user experiences. He is also currently a Design Influencer, Adobe Leader, and Public Speaker by passion.

Internationally ranked under Top 100 Designers globally on Uplabs, Featured in Behance on multiple galleries (like Interaction Publication, Stock Publication, Adobe XD Publication), Featured in IndieFolio Spotlight, Featured in Adobe Live, Accredited Adobe Campus Leader, Shortlisted for CEO Insights Magazine, Featured on Official Dribbble’s Blog to be one of a great speaker at their Design Meetups, etc. to name just a few of the awards and recognitions gained by Mr. Sharma.

High Fives, Cheers & Happy Designing! 


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