Competition For TikTok? YouTube Comes With Shorts

Now that TikTok is taking over the world, more and more other social media are trying to hitch a ride on its success. YouTube is no different in that. According to TechWarrant.Com, it would come with Shorts, an app that allows you to create short videos, such as sketches and music videos.  Millions of people use TikTok every day and that is rising and rising. In one year, the app was downloaded 842 million times, and now that everyone should be at home more probably will only grow. The special thing about this app is that it is also very popular in Asia, wherever it comes from, so you will encounter a much greater diversity of cultures and nationalities on the platform.

Now you’re probably wondering, what’s the difference, why does YouTube think it can bring something new? It thinks it has that because of the music licenses it has thanks to YouTube Music. You can use all the songs from the YouTube Music library, instead of the slightly smaller selection of music that TikTok offers. But the advantage of TikTok is that it also has a lot of voice recordings, so how YouTube’s Shorts deals with that is another question.

YouTube often steals good ideas from other social media, such as Stories, which you now see on every social platform. Moreover, it is not alone in this. Facebook is also working with a TikTok competitor. This is called Lassa and is currently being tested in Brazil, among others. TikTok itself sometimes “steals” something, because it would work on its own answer to Spotify. Undoubtedly to have access to more music to use in TikTok.

When we will hear more from YouTube about Shorts is still unknown. For example, here we give you an update of the basics of the platform. Did you know that there are emotes in Fortnite that have been submitted via TikTok? In short, it is a globally recognized phenomenon and we are not surprised that YouTube wants a piece of it.


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