[CS:GO] How to earn free CS:GO skins?

Steam is the most popular online game library.

In steam games like CS:GO OR DOTA2 there are skins, which can be worth even thousands of dollars.

What is CS:GO Gambling?
CS:GO Gambling is betting virtual CS:GO skins on online casinos.

Is it legal?
Yes, it is legal. Skins are not considered as real money in nearly all countries laws, so betting them is completely legal.

You can exchange those skins on marketplaces like bitskins or dmarket.

Can I get skins for free?
Yes, you can get them by playing (but you will most probably get $0.03 skins, but, there is better way to get more expensive skins for free!

CS:GO Gambling websites that offers free bonuses

Is it completely free and safe?
Yes, it is completely free, but in most CS:GO casinos you have to have some steam level (in most cases 3-5lvl) or hours played at CS:GO.

How much can I earn and where can I find CS:GO casinos with free bonuses?
Your earnings depends on your luck. Most sites offers free $0.5-$1 or possbility to claim random bonus which can be up to hundreds of dollars.
You can find list of trustworthy CS:GO Casinos at
On this site you can find CS:GO casinos and affiliate codes. Simply enter one of these websites and find “affiliates” or “free coins” section and enter refferal code mentioned on site.


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