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                        Hi hello everyone, my name isSainath, I’m 19years-old guy, I am from Karnataka, India. As usual all like travelling I also love travelling and I specifically like the solo travelling. I am a backpack traveler. I do most of my travel as a hitchhiker when it comes to transportation and that saves money and my trip will be more amazing and i get an opportunity to meet more people to talk. I am a guy who failed to execute my feelings and dreams to public. If I say something people will laugh at me. Sometimes let it be from childhood I am being alone and now also. Then till these 18 years of my life journey and since I have started travelling it has been a life changing experience even words can't express how I struggled to start this. I need to thank my brother for this. Because he is the one who support for me to travel and i have done my first trip with him only.

           When I started travelling there is no one with whom I have to share my experience and that to I like my own company during travel that make me more happy I always wanted to stand out different from the crowd. So then I started posting my travel photos on instagram and then i wanted to start the blog. So before starting this blog I thought what should I post in my first blog post here it is I am posting about me who I am and what I would like and you will get from this blog. Before I started to write this post, I did a quick Google search on what my first post should be about. It gave me a list of what should and shouldn’t be included and I think I’ve covered most of them.

However, one of the points that resonated with me most was to encourage you guys to get involved. That could be through asking me questions and suggesting topics for me to cover but also and most importantly, to challenge me.

            So everything you need to know about travelling. I suppose travel without or very less money mostly I am a hitchhiker So as i said everyone likes travelling some of them or just wanderlust and some of them mad in travel so I am also mad in travel there is not a big story behind this I just travel without or very less money. In this blog you are going to know about what actually my coming post in this website as the name suggests I will be covering every aspect related to travel it may be included.

  • How I travel?
  • Where I will stay?
  • Attractions and activities?
  • Safety measure at the destination?
  • Food and accommodation?
  • Attractions and activities? .

·    And that's over.

            One thing if you not started travelling just start travelling If you never go you will never knowas a traveler I suggest you to travel alone if anyone is giving company to you won't refuse that proposal you will have one guy with you whom with you get more amazing. I don't think we need to think what people thought about us because we know what we are doing and do what you like follow your dreams for your passion and let the people talk as you all know barking dogs never bite. They are never gone know what they are missing in their life and if you live to 60 years when you look back and see you will say if I didn't started travelling what things I gone going to miss till now .

If I had taken lot of you time and wasted if sorry.

So hay be happy and travel more and more bye bye take care if you have any suggestion and feeding you can comment and surly I will be follow that once again bye


Thank you for listening to me. You can follow me on instagram .My instagram link will be given below you can check I also own a youtube channel by name traveller sainath. Both link are

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