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A morning cup of coffee is very often the best part of the day for most coffee lovers. Owning a coffee machine ensures that your cup of coffee is exactly how you like it, the perfect start to a long day ahead! A lot of people prefer to make their own coffee in a coffee maker instead of buying it from a café. A coffee machine saves you the time of standing in long queues. And also saves you a lot of money!!


With coffee makers gaining popularity, there are a lot of coffee machines that are available in the market today – Hamilton Beach FlexBrew, for instance, a power packed and simply lovable coffee maker. 

Buying a coffee machine is not as easy as it may sound. There are many parameters users should consider before investing in a coffee machine. Many times users make hasty decisions and end up with the wrong coffee machine. 

Here are some of the common mistakes beginners make when buying a coffee machine:  

Looking for the deal:

More often coffee lovers end up buying a coffee machine that they do not use, thanks to Lightning Deals on e-commerce websites or Best Deals in the supermarket or mall. You may feel that you’ve got the dream machine on a super deal, but in reality, it may not fit your requirements at all. You can also opt for other brands such as Keurig coffee makers if you don’t consider spending thousands of dollars on a commercial coffee machine.

Before you jump into a spontaneous and impulsive purchase just because the coffee machine is “cheap” at the moment, it is important to look into all the fine details and research on the reviews and quality. 

Too many features:

It can be really enticing to buy a coffee machine that has many features in it. However, as a beginner, a coffee machine that has too many features in it may seem too complicated to use. A lot of people struggle with their machine simply because it is too complex for them to use. 

If you are buying the machine for seniors, or if you have young children who may be using the machine, it may make more sense to invest in a machine that is basic and not overloaded with sophisticated features. 

Too much consideration to the appearance:

As the adage goes, “Do not judge a book by its cover’; as a buyer giving too much consideration to stylish looks will land you in trouble. There are so many coffee makers that have the perfect appearance, trendy stainless steel façade or chic colour scheme to match with modern kitchens.  

It can be really tempting to buy a coffee maker that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen or workplace, but it is also equally important to consider other factors when you are buying a coffee machine. 

Not considering the flavour:

Perfect coffee is all about the right flavour, ideal strength and apt texture. You may like your coffee strong, while your partner may prefer a mild coffee. Some people like an extra-powerful cup in the morning, and a light cup at night. 

It is essential to consider the strength and flavour variations while buying a coffee machine. A good coffee machine should let you control the strength of your coffee brew from light to regular to bold coffee. 

Not estimating related costs: 

Coffee machines involve related costs like coffee beans, powdered milk, milk frother, sugar, and coffee pod. Do make sure that you’ve considered these additional costs before you invest in a coffee machine. It is also important to consider the Warranty period of the machine. 

It also takes time and effort to remember and buy these extra ingredients when you are going grocery buying. With the fast pace of life, many people forget to buy the very ingredients that make coffee. It can be really frustrating to have a coffee machine at home and no ingredients that go into the machine.

Not considering the size:

It is especially important to consider the size of the coffee machine when you are buying it for a hostel dorm, office pantry, or even small-sized kitchens. Some great coffee machines are large in size and may not fit in small spaces. Even if you have a big kitchen, it is important to compare the dimensions of the coffee machine with your kitchen space as sometimes kitchen counters may be narrow and it may become difficult for you to accommodate a bigger machine on the kitchen counter. 

Not enough coffee cups made:

Coffee machines have different coffee making capacities. Coffee makers often consider the size, the strength, the durability, and the pricing when buying a coffee machine but may forget to take into consideration the number of cups that a coffee machine is capable of making. Some compact and cute machines may be capable of brewing only one cup of coffee, but mid-sized machines may make up to 5 cups. 

Machines like Hamilton Beach can brew up to 12 cups of coffee. It is essential to consider your machine’s coffee making capacity in comparison to your family size or coffee requirement. Is there anything as annoying as waiting for a cup of coffee especially when you are already delayed for work? 

Not paying attention to Additional Features

Coffee machines come packed with a host of additional features. Buyers should pay attention to these additional features as very often these are the very features that make life easy for you as you brew your coffee every morning. Some of the features that buyers should consider are: Programmable clock, Cleaning alert, removable water tank, auto-shut off, and keep-warm function. 

Not doing the research:

Coffee machine buyers today experience the problem of plenty when they are considering the perfect buy. At this stage, a comparative analysis of the models that you have short-listed is recommended. While doing a comparison analysis, users should enlist their preferences and then ensure that the model of their choice provides it to them. 

Brewing your own coffee is like therapy. And the right coffee machine makes an otherwise boring daily chore one of life’s simple pleasures. So before you buy a coffee machine, make sure that you do a lot of homework, read reviews, ask friends and family, research on the internet, and then buy your morning routine coffee companion.





Christopher is a business editor who writes about various topics such as technology, health and finance. He works along with the colourful folks that build a nation through tech startups. He is also a professional football player and video games enthusiast.

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