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MeraAstro is a leading comprehensive online astrology services platform. Talk to the topmost and best astrologers on call or chat and get detailed astrology and horoscope reports. Show your Kundli and know your future predictions. Find out about your life, marriage, love, career, education, health etc with full privacy and confidentiality. Find pandits for all pujas and remedies all over the country. Reach our astrologers from all over the world on one click. Find tarot card readers, Vaastu experts, numerologists, palmists etc. Get answers to all your queries and worries in one place.

Key features of Mera Astro App :
1.Report from Astrologers: Generate detailed report in North-Indian and South-Indian style.
2. Talk To Astrologers: you can talk with best rated astrologers from anywhere . Our astrologers provide the most accurate predictions. Real time chatting and calling astrology app providing live counselling and guidance 24×7
3. Horoscope: Get weekly horoscope and find what the stars have in store for you.
4. Easy Payment modes: Digital wallets, Net banking, Debit Card, Credit Cards
5. Additional Services: Vaastu, Numerology, Palmistry, Puja and Remedies

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