TeamGroup Upgrades The T-Force Vulcan-Z & Dark-Z DDR4 Memory To 32 GB Capacity


TeamGroup has announced that it will update its T-Force Vulcan-Z and Dark-Z DDR4 memory to feature 32 GB memory modules, allowing for higher capacities to be supported on both, Intel & AMD platforms.

TeamGroup T-Force Vulcan-Z & Dark-Z DDR4 Memory Upgraded With 32 GB Capacities, More Colors & Frequencies To Select From
Press Release – The T-FORCE gaming series is your top choice in 2020 when it comes to large capacity upgrades. T-FORCE VULCAN Z and DARK Z DDR4 series of kits, which are praised by the media around the world, will be the first to release the large capacity, 32GB single stick memory
VULCAN Z launches DDR4-2666MHz and DDR4-3000MHz, two different frequencies of single-channel kit and dual-channel kit (32GB X2). And DARK Z will mainly provide a DDR4-3000MHz dual-channel kit (32GB X2). Consumers can choose a suitable specification based on their personal usage. Not only can process large files easily, but it can also upgrade capacity and handle multiple data computing at the same time. This can increase the applications of desktop computers.

T-Force Vulcan-Z & Dark-Z DDR4 Memory

T-FORCE gaming memories are selected through a rigorous testing process. Every memory is tested for complete compatibility and stability with all AMD and INTEL’s consumer platforms, offering gamers a memory with exceptional quality, optimal performance, and excellent compatibility. Meanwhile, O.C Profile, One-click overclocking is supported so gamers can easily overclock without manual adjustments. The Dark Z goes up to a speed of DDR4-3600MHz while its brother, the Vulcan Z only goes up to a clock speed of DDR4-3200MHz.

These DIMMs have a clean look and come in a variety of different colors to fit into all systems. These feature 32GB DDR4 DIMMs, so if you are looking for high capacities, you won’t go wrong with these kits. The prices for these kits are not mentioned yet but expect them to be unveiled when these kits are available in the retail market. Link


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