Uniting innovation with taste: Chitale Bandhu Mitaiwale's iconic journey in the last 70 years

In the year 1939 Bhaskar Ganesh Chitale started a milk distribution business at Bhilawadi in Maharashtra’s Sangli district that went on to become one of India’s most loved confectionery brands, Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale. His entrepreneurial dairy business was carried forward by his sons and in the year 1950, Raghunath Chitale established the brand that now has many loyal customers in India and across the globe. This was the time when the Chitale brothers were jointly managing the fledging milk retailing network in the state along with the growing confectionery chain. Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale grew tremendously in a short span of time and its steady growth led to the establishment of manufacturing and retail outlets for mithai and snacks as well. Bakarwadi and mango burfi (also known as amba burfi) became the most sought after products by the brand, with their uniqueness captivating the imagination of culinary connoisseurs across the world.
Kedar Chitale, the fourth-generation Chitale who developed the brand’s strong distribution and supply chain network


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